BOOK REVIEW: Ketchup Clouds

Secrets can save your life. And 15-year-old Zoe Collins knows exactly how to keep her secrets, secret. But Zoe's isn't just any old secret.
Zoe seems to be your average school girl with dreams to become a writer and a crush on a few boys. But these boys turn out to be brothers, one who she happens to have murdered.
As the lies are eating her up, Zoe hears of a man, Stuart Harris, on death row in America that is not unfamiliar to murder and deception. Being no stranger to the world of writing, she picks up a pen and tells her story.
With the book revealing the letters she wrote, ‘Zoe’ does not actually use her real name or address so she cannot be traced; both of which are revealed when Stuart is dead and gone.
Only at the end of the novel do we find out which of the brothers has died, with there being constant mystery throughout.
Ketchup Clouds, by Annabel Pitcher, is fundamentally classed as a female children’s book, but with the gripping story lines that a lot of people can easily relate to, this book could be enjoyed by multiple age groups.

I absolutely LOVED this book. I bought it almost 2 years ago, so I decided it was time to actually make use of it. It was finished within a few days and I could not put it down. I think it helps that these kind of books are my favourite.

Thanks for reading!

Paige x

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